About Us....

E-Value Advisors acts as a strategic extended arm for valuation firms by providing support services through its network of experienced professionals. We have valuation experts specializing in Fixed asset, Real Property and Intangible Asset. Our firm collaborates with firms
for all types of valuation needs, be it financial reporting, tax or regulatory.
We provide industry-rated quality projects so that you can focus on your clients and growth.

Process Flow


Why choose us ?

Presently collaborating with five US firms and one Singapore firm


• Collaborate for a single project or short-time period

• Re-hired when needed


Our experience includes a vast array of industries such as consumer & industrial products, printing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, telecommunications, energy & natural resources, automotive, food & beverage processing, retail, hospitality, healthcare and beyond

Seasoned Professionals

•Group of conscientious and detail oriented professionals

•Subject matter experts in their respective fields

Our Services

Tangible Asset Valuation

  • External & Audit Projects
    • ASC 805 (SFAS 141R) – Purchase price allocation
    • ASC 360 (SFAS 144) – Impairment or disposal of long-lived assets
  • Tangible Personal Property Tax Valuation for the states of Tennessee, Louisiana, Arizona
  • Report Writing
  • Secondary Market Research assistance – Market Value
  • Quality/Math Check

Real Property Valuation

  • Cost Approach Data Entry from MVS
  • Cost Approach Audit and Quality Check from MVS
  • Above – Below Lease Analysis
    • Lease Data Extraction from Lease Agreements
  • Report Writing
  • Subject Property Research and Data Gathering using County Assessor sites (Netronline), Google Earth Pro, Realtor, Zillow, Trulia, etc.